About Us

Find out More About How Our Amazing Team Have
Served the Jewish Community With Some of the Finest Kosher Cuisine

Pelter’s Deli is a Home-style Deli that Specialises in providing only the finest kosher cuisine for all of our loyal customers. We cook for a variety of kosher dishes inspired by our travels and make them with the finest of kosher ingredients so you can sure that you are always getting a fresh taste from any of our products. We cater to a variety of customers, no matter their needs. Whether providing a simple meal for Shabbat or providing platters for festivals and big occasions such as Bar Mitzvah’s, Weddings or Engagement Parties. We are always readily available by ordering online or collecting in-store.

Always Striving for Perfection

We understand that quality is a must-have for all of our customers so we never waver it on any of the products we serve daily or for major events. We aim to provide delicious, simple cuisines for you as if it was home-made. We use the finest ingredients for all of our products such as beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables and the finest cut meats for our dishes. We source all of our ingredients from trusted, KLBD Certified grocers and butcheries so you can be sure that we always strive to provide the best dishes for you and your family. Our daily products are always admired by our customers who are always coming back for more. That is why we are one of the most popular delis in Edgware and the first point of call for any occasion or Yom Tov.

Catering for Occasion's has never been Easier!

We know that planning an event for your family and friends can be struggling at times as it takes a lot of time to gather, cook and produce platters for everyone to enjoy, so let us take the stress out of the cooking and allow us to produce a variety of platters that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. We custom make small, medium or large platters for our customers and we always ensure that the food produced is made in an allergy-free environment. If you have any relatives or friends that you know have an allergy to a specific type of ingredient such as nuts, milk, or a specific type of fruit, simply let us know and we will be happy to modify your order so that your platters are allergen free for your event. Another aspect that we strive for is presentation. We know that impressions of platters are highly judged by the presentation. That is why we make all of our products look beautiful for every occasion, whether it is for a wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, presentation is one of our key goals in terms of delivering your platters to your event.