Festival Catering

Pelter's Deli always welcomes to the challenge of serving our customers the necessary catering for Yom Tov's, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's or Any Other Occasions

Pelter’s Deli offers to provide catering for a number of occasions including Yom Tov’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. We are able to create exquisite dishes that are guaranteed to leave all of our customers satisfied with the presentation and quality of all the dishes we create. We understand that it is difficult to organise events, especially ensuring that all of the food is KLBD Certified, so let us take the strain off you by inspiring your guests with over 60 years culinary experience.

How Do I Arrange for Pelter's Deli to Cater for my Event?

You can either arrange us to cater an event by calling us on our telephone number +44 (0) 208 958 3444 or by emailing us at catering@peltersdeli.co.uk Or simply use the arrangement form below to fill out the details of your event, approximately how many guests will be attending and any other inquiries you may have about the preparation and dishes that we will provide for the occasion. You will then be connected to an advisor who will assess your event and give you all the details that you require. You can also arrange an appointment to meet with our head chef who will be overseeing your order for your occasion. We will then provide you with an estimated cost for catering the event and ask questions about whether any of the guests suffer with allergies so that we can prep innovative dishes without compromising on flavour.

Checklist Before Contacting Our Team:

Before We can Proceed with the Order, We will need you to consult this checklist before submitting your inquiry to us in order to cater for your event. Please read the following checklist which states any data that we require before submitting your order to the kitchen:


Nature of Event

Please provide detailed information about the event such as the nature of event, where it is being held, approximate number of guest that will be present, and whether delivery of the dishes is required. This information is required to ensure that no delays will happen to completing your catering order. All of this information is a neccessity and is vital to ensure that we can get your order to your event on time.

Allergns to be Excluded:

Allergens are vital information that we require, if any of your guests suffer from any type of allergen, whether it may be unrelated please inform us of all guests that may have allergies to certain types of food or drink. This way we can modify your order to ensure that all of the food is safe for all guests to consume. We will always ask this before commencing your order to the kitchen but it is strongly recommended that you notify us before you even submit your order to us.

Accurate Date and Time for Order to be Completed:

We will work hard to complete your order for the stated time but you must give us at least 1 month notice before placing a catering order with us. If your order is required in less than 1 month, we may not be able to submit your order to the kitchen as we have to take a number of procedures before successfully completing your order. If you desperately need your order before 1 month, don't hesitate to get in contact with us as we aim to help our customers in any way possible.